Language Pairs

Translation SOS currently offers services in the English to Spanish and Spanish to English pairs for translation of personal and legal documents, e-mails, power point presentations, website content, marketing materials, business proposals and just about anything else you can think of.

Website Translation

Are you looking to expand your business markets? Start by translating your website to Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world. TSOS performs all its translations to neutral Spanish so it can be understood in any Spanish speaking community around the world.
For a sample of one of our website translations please visit the spanish version of this site here.

Document Translation

Our document translation services range from birth and marriage certificates, diplomas, academic grades, letters,essays, academic materials, resumes, questionnaires, legal and financial documents, business proposals, etc. There is no such thing as a job that is too small. If you need it, we'll do it! With no minimum fees :)


Are you doing business with Spanish speaking clients? Need to translate emails, letters and others? Don't bother using machine translators! A lot of the context is lost and you can end up with a miscommunication problem.
Try Translation SOS and get a quick reply via Skype or email with a translation that is accurate and reliable.

Marketing Materials

Translating marketing materials is no easy task. It requires research to convey the exact meaning into the target language. It needs to sound fluid and natural. It needs to be done by a professional!
We offer post delivery assurance in all of our translations in case any modifications are required at no extra cost.


Need to proofread a text that was machine translated? Are you reviewing or updating a previous translation? Send us a request for a free quote here. We specialize in Dominican Republic Spanish and would be happy to assist in proofreading your document.

Request for an Affidavit

If you require that your translation has an affidavit, we can provide this service for you. For more information, please contact us at

Rates Request a Free Quote


Translation SOS currently has a flat rate per word of US$0.02. Additional fees may apply for prompt or express delivery.

*This rate does not apply for certificates, diplomas, academic grades or other documents that require a lot of formatting. For an accurate fee, please send us a request for a free quote at

Do you need a translation but are on a budget? Send us a request for a free translation with no commitment on your part to